Secure payment

Payment options

We accept the following means of payment:

  •    Visa
  •    Mastercard / Eurocard
  •    American Express
  •    Paypal


Credit Card

The data you provide is transmitted using SSL encryption. For payments with Visa and Mastercard, we only accept SEC transactions (Secure Electronic Commerce). After ensuring that your credit card complies to SEC standards, the system will contact the card-emitting bank in order for the buyer to authorize the purchase. Once the bank has confirmed the authenticity of the card, it will be charged with your payment. If card confirmation fails, the order will be cancelled.




If you select PayPal as your payment method, you will continue through the checkout process and then automatically proceed to to complete your payment.

Once you have been redirected to, you will have 25 minutes to complete the payment before your order is removed from the system.

For more information, visit the PayPal Help Center.