JM, brand born in Cabrils, has managed the project of creating  this Skatepark, turnkey, thanks to our collaborators VULCANO. 

The project has been a reality through the Collaborative Budget of Cabrils Municipality, which never hesitated in investing on a sustainable sport. 

This is the extension of an earlier project , when the Municipality acquired the ramp located in our previous JM facilities in neighbouring Cabrera de Mar. 

Afterwards, the space was upgraded in a previous site of the sports zone. During the pandemics and after years of struggle, we could conduct the exrension works with our contractor VULCANO SKATEPARKS. 

The design is  totally modern and includes all the levels of expertise, reminding a DIY ambiance. 

Cabrils has no beach, but we have already our wave, urban waves running 24x7 

What are you waiting to roll it? Remember that skate has no gender and no age. 

JM Surf N Roll, more than a decade supporting with facts our sports: surf and skate.